Business Blogging

Business blogging is becoming quite the rage. Many companies are looking for an inexpensive way to advertise on the web, and blogs fill that need. As more and more people turn to blogs for information, business blogging may just be the next frontier for small and big business alike.

Business blogging begins by understanding what a blog is in the first place. In its simplest form, it is like an electronic journal. Each entry is called a “post,” and they are arranged in chronological order on the page. The term blog came from the actual name for a blog, which is a “weblog.” It is a way for people to share information, whether it is personal, professional, advice, and more.

Business blogging began to gain popularity around 1999, when the software required was simplified. Before then, people had to have an understanding of HTML, a computer language, that was very difficult for the layperson to learn. Today, there are close to 15,000 blogs being created every day, while millions people visit blogs on a daily basis. There are estimates that 11 percent of internet users visit blogs on a daily basis. With that kind of traffic, how can business blogging not be important?

Business blogging can be a tool both for your internal communication, providing important updates for current customers, and your advertising. The new software available makes it inexpensive for the smallest business blogging It allows you to put some of your thoughts down in your blog and also place links to useful information or sales pages. In fact, there are a number of sites that allow you to blog for free, like,, and more.

With business blogging you get the benefit of providing updates to your consumers and staff without having to re-do an entire website. You just log onto your blog and add a post letting everyone know what is going on. You also get a presence on the web without a huge investment, and you can share your expertise with a wide audience. By eliminating the need for a web designer or teaching yourself HTML, you save time and money by using a business blogging program.

Before you begin with business blogging, you may want to start of experimenting with a personal blog on one of the free blogging sites. You can use it to make personal posts, while learning the art of blogging. View a lot of other companies that are using business blogging to see how they are maximizing its use.

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